With Ocean View Hotel as our designated Race Village, we have created 3 Clover Leaf routes, exposing our riders to 2 days of coastal riding and 1 day into the rural villages.

Day 1 – Friday

This route will take the riders out of Coffee Bay over the Bomvu River and along the cliffs of the Indian Ocean, reaching the magnificent Hole-in-the-Wall 11km down the coast.  From here we cross the Mpako River inland and head coast-wise navigating ourselves directly to Hole in the Wall.  Then we have a grass climb, traversing the cliff line and a fast ‘n furious descent down the ‘Mine Chute’ all the way onto the Lapanzi River.  Next, it’s down to the famous Mbolompo Point, a fisherman’s haven and on to the village of Mpami.  Heading inland, we have a beautiful 5kms of forest, taking us past Zithulele mission and an incredible downhill all the way to the Finish at Ocean View Hotel.

Day 2 – Saturday

If the names of Mapuzi, Mdumbi, Presleys Bay & Anchorage mean anything to you … then we trust that this day will blow you away. It’s a tough start with a short climb out of Ocean View as we wind our way up to the cliffs of Mapuzi. An awesome beach crossing and new single track takes us to the mouth of the Mtata River for a ferry crossing. This is a decontrolled section and we restart the riders based on time on the northern banks. Each Rider is given 20 minutes. From here it’s a beach ride up to Presleys and onto the Mdumbi backpackers waterhole. We now tackle a myriad of jeep and single tracks to the Mtata Bridge and do a long gravel road climb up to the Coffee Bay runway and then a cliff traverse once again finishing with an awesome downhill into the Ocean View race village.

Day 3 – Sunday

We follow Friday’s route for 5km and then head inland up to Old Morley. This day is a maze of single track with a total of 11 river crossings. The paths are mostly sled track and we pass through numerous villages and waving children. Day 3 is designed to be a slightly easier day with the racing snakes expected to finish in 2.5 hours and the majority of the field in by 11am. This allows for a 11.30 Prize Giving and an early start for those that are travelling home.